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They Stand behind their Name

Tacheny followed through and replaced all of our gutters after it was determined that the original gutters, that were installed by a sub contractor because they were so busy, were determined to be bad. They were replaced by their expert Gregg and seem to be holding up. We are very happy that in today's world that there is a company that stands by their Name and made sure we were happy with our Roof and Gutter installation.

You can tell they are a company that cares

Tacheny exteriors has gone above and beyond my expectations of a contractor. Very easy to deal with, prompt in answering questions we had. They were very patient with our decision process that tool a little time to decide on the right roof for us. You can tell they are a company that really cares about there customers, as well making sure you are happy with their service. We will be hiring them for the roof at our cabin, and I would recommend tacheny exteriors to anyone. Pleasant company to work with. They rock

Incredible to work with from start to finish

I went with Tacheny to put a new roof on my home, along with new windows in our basement. They were incredible to work with from start to finish. The finished product along with level of customer support I received will make me go back to them the next time around. I highly recommend!

Reasonably priced and great to work with

I hired Tacheny Exteriors to replace my roof. They tore off two layers of shingles, replaced a bunch of rotten plywood and still finished the entire roof in one day. They were reasonably priced and great to work with. I would highly recommend them.

Excellent Customer Service

We had excellent customer service. They helped color coordinate our roof and siding and we absolutely love it! The communication through out our project was excellent. The clean up was great and at the end of the project they came out and made sure we were satisfied. We would highly recommend this family owned business!! Thank you Tacheny Exterior for the great job!

I fully trust Tacheny to work on my home!!!

Tacheny was very proactive in responding to my initial call for ice dam removal and were able to get to my house very quickly preventing any further damage. The crew and project manager, Brian, was extremely courteous and professional. We will be using Tacheny to work with our insurance company to make repairs to anything that has been damaged. Victor has been great to work with and was able to fit our needs into his busy schedule.. I fully trust Tacheny to work on my home!!!

Kind, helpful and knowledgable!

Victor is kind, helpful, friendly & very knowledgeable. He is an awesome representative of your company. He communicates well and is trustworthy. I enjoy working with him.

Victor was GREAT!

I had storm damages that Victor helped me with. He was very helpful ,and fun to work with. I had him come back out to inspect my roof after all the heavy snow. I had an ice dam. He was very helpful,and knowledgeable. He explained the purpose of adding insulation to an adequate amount. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. I will be giving him a call next time I need help.

Roof and Siding Replacement

About 2 years ago our homes roof and siding was damaged I a hail storm. Victor Gonzalez who lives in my neighborhood stopped by my home and stated he noticed our home like many others in the neighborhood had been damaged. Victor showed use the damage sustained and offered his companies services. We submitted a claim to our insurance company and after 1 year of back and forth letters, calls and denial of a full roof and siding replacement the insurance company agreed to pay in full for the work estimated by Tacheny. Victor was extremely helpful in calling and explaining to multiple insurance adjusters the work that needed to be done and the reason it had to be done a certian way. Multiple times the insurance adjusters sent people to our house to inspect the damage and multiple times only a portion of the eatimated cost to repair was allowed. If it wasn’t for Victor’s knowledge and persistence on our behalf in talking to the adjusters and letting us know our rights we would have only had our roof replaced and paid out of pocket to repair all of our siding. Once the insurance company agreed to cover all of the costs to repair the roof and siding Tachney workers performed the bulk of the work very quickly. The details of the finished work regarding the electriciation and additional caulking around windows was very slow due to a lack of communication with the contractors it would seem, but Victor kept working to push the contractors to get the work done. Better communication could have helped get all of the repairs done sooner, but overall the final result is our home looks better than ever and it would not have happened without Victor’s help in dealing with the insurance company and making sure the work got done.

Tacheny Exteriors

Brian, thank you SO much for taking the time to leave a thorough review. We appreciate your trust and patience in Victor, and the rest of our team, to keep your project/claim moving forward. Insurance work can turn into a real battle sometimes. Customer experience is our number one focus and with...

Snow removal

Victor did a fantastic job at removing the over abundance of snow from my roof. Ice dams will be a thing of the past this year. Very professional and very much appreciated! Highly recommended!

Tacheny Exteriors

Thank you for taking a moment to leave a review, Steven! We are grateful for the new relationship with you. Hopefully we won't have to deal with this snow for much longer! Let us know if we can be of any help to you in the future, thanks again :)

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