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Tacheny Exteriors Giftcard

How it Works

We love our homeowners, and by extension we think we'll love our homeowners friends.  The program is simple:

1. Share your referral. Fill out the form and let us know who'd benefit from working with Tacheny Exteriors.

2. We reach out to them. One of our Project Consultants will reach out to them to schedule a conversation.

3. You earn a reward. Once they sign up for services you earn a $200 Visa gift card.*

4. Keep referring. We want to be friends with your friends. Every time you refer you can make up to $200*.

Qualifying Referral Projects Include:

  • A roofing or siding project meets or exceeds 1,600 square feet.
  • Five or more windows.
  • Two or more exterior doors.

*For every new client referral who signs up for a roofing, siding, window or door project you can earn up to $200. Only one referral paid per new client that signs up for service. Tacheny must earn the business of the referral for the referrer to receive the gift card. Referral fees paid within 30 days of signing contract with new client. Referral clients must be a net new customer of Tacheny Exteriors.  By submitting a referral, you agree to allow Tacheny to use your name/contact information when contacting the referral contact/company.

Refer & Earn

Complete the form below to refer a friend and help them win online.