Many home and building owners don't know how old their windows are, if they are performing properly or what signs to look for. Windows come in all shapes and sizes with different levels of quality. Here are 5 signs that you need window replacement:

1. Windows Are Not Operating Properly 

Do your windows open and close easily (or at all)? Do your locks work or are some of them broken?

2. Drafty Windows 

Can you hear the wind howling through your windows? Can you feel cold air coming in around the frame?

3. The Window "Glass Pack" Has Gone Bad

The glass pack is made up of 2-3 panes of glass and the airspace between those panes of glass. If the glass is foggy or hazy, has moisture build-up between, or all over the glass panes, it's likely that all of the Argon gas (what gives your glass pack insulation value) has leaked out. This problem means your home or building is losing a lot of energy, costing you money every month.

If you see excessive moisture build up on your windows it is likely that your window has lost it's insulating value (the argon gas leaked out). Although other factors such as high humidity levels in the home can lead to this, you should have a professional window replacement contractor inspect your windows.

4. Visible Damage

Look for warped or missing pieces, cracked sealants, discolored vinyl windows, wood windows or fiberglass windows. If they "look bad," they probably are.

Since this glass pack has gone bad, condensation is building up in the corner leading to wood rot

5. Age 

Are your windows more than 20 years old? If so, depending on your climate and other factors, it's likely you need to replace your windows. Although this is a general rule of thumb, know that windows can go bad at 10 years too - there are a number of factors that come into play like your climate (rain, UV rays from the sun, snow/ice and temperature swings), the quality of the window's construction and the quality of the installation. 

Tip to determine the age of your windows: If you don't know the age of your windows, call your city's building department to see if there have been any permits pulled over the years. If not, it could mean your windows are "original" which means their age closely matches up to the year that your home or building was built.

Other Questions & Considerations:

I think I need a professional window replacement contractor opinion - No problem, our Project Consultants are here for you. We will help assess if your windows need replacement, provide you with solutions and can offer financing if you need it. If we feel you still have some "life" in your windows, we'll let you know this too. Whether you want to replace your windows today, next year or in 5 years - we're here to help.

How much is an estimate? - Window replacement estimates are complementary and no cost to you.

What if I have Single Pane Windows - If you have single pane windows in your home, you should have them replaced. Single pane windows provide little to no insulating value (warmth can transfer at ease) and cause major energy loss. 

I have old windows but everything looks good, is that possible? Yes it is! The main thing to know is that if your windows look and operate properly, Argon gas has still been leaking out of your glass pack over the years which means; regardless of condition the older a window gets, the poorer the window tends to perform. If you have any doubt, call or click today to setup a free window estimate and consultation with one of our friendly Project Consultants!