Homeowners in the Twin Cities tend to worry a lot about what damage the harsh winters will cause their homes, but summer weather brings its own problems. From summer storms to extreme heat, here are examples of summer issues that could damage your roof. Summer Storms Minnesota is better known for...

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For most homeowners, the maintenance of their roof is an afterthought outside of cleaning out the gutters in the spring. In fact, until the roof starts leaking noticeably, the roof is often not even thought of at all. While a leaking roof is an obvious reason for homeowners to get a roof replacement...

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In Minnesota, winterproofing your home’s exterior is perhaps the most important thing residents can do to ensure a trouble-free, warm, and pleasant winter. Aside from sealing up drafty windows and doors, repairing holes and cracks in your home’s siding, and insulating your property’s hot water tanks...

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