Minneapolis Storm Damage Repair

roofing1 Storm Damage

Storms can wreak havoc on a home, apartment building, commercial, or industrial structure. In the Twin Cities Metro, these storms may bring rain, high winds, hail, snow, and ice. We also get the occasional tornado moving through in the summer months. When these weather events occur, the storm damage can be very extensive or somewhat minimal.

Even minimal damage requires immediate attention. The smallest crack in a roof or a missing shingle can later expand into something that is much more serious and expensive. The serious issues can involve roof leaks causing water to infiltrate the ceilings and walls of the structure, leading to the growth mold and mildew.

To prevent these things from happening, Tacheny Exteriors can be there immediately to secure the damage. We have emergency tarping services available to keep you, your family or business safe from further damages and expenses.

Insurance Claims Specialists Are Available To Help

In addition to the emergency tarping services that our Minneapolis storm damage specialists are able to provide you with, we have insurance claims specialists available to give you guidance with your claim.

The claims process involves immediately calling the insurance hotline to report the damage, taking photos of the damage and working with an insurance adjuster. Tacheny Exteriors can provide you with an estimate that you can give the insurance adjuster so they have the information they need to make a correct assessment and come up with a settlement that will cover all of the damages. We have extensive experience in working with every insurance carrier and their adjusters. We make ourselves available to meet with them during their inspection.

You do not want to sign up with a recently incorporated storm-chasing contractor whether they claim to be local or not. You want to stick with experience and the Tacheny family was one of the first in the state of Minnesota handling storm damage repair.

If you have any questions or need any guidance throughout the insurance process, Tacheny Exteriors is here to help you ensure the process moves as smoothly as possible. It is illegal for a contractor to completely represent you, but we will help in any and every way allowable; the claims process doesn’t have to be a difficult one, don’t make it one!

Storm Damage & Hail Repair Services You Can Trust

Our goal is to ensure the structure is repaired and protected as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to call! Often times, more time passing is a bad thing and will extend the damages. When it comes to storm damage, Minneapolis residents and others throughout the Twin Cities need these issues addressed as soon as possible and we are here to get it done.

You can rely on a thorough evaluation, expert craftsmanship, and for the strength and integrity of the structure to be preserved. This will save you a great deal of money in the long-term and, with our help, you will see a great deal of stress removed from the situation.

Contact Minneapolis Storm Damage Contractors

Storm damage can be light or it can be extensive. Regardless of how serious it is, it is imperative that it is secured as soon as possible so that no additional damage occurs to the structure and you do not run out of time to file a claim. At Tacheny Exteriors, we can secure the damage for you and have an insurance claims specialist available to help you with your needs. To learn more about our hail and storm damage services, call us at 651-484-1466 for a free estimate.