Minneapolis homeowners and even business owners have been paying attention to the weather forecasters lately, as they are saying that the summer of 2014 just might be a very stormy season.

It has already packed a punch with some tornadoes landing in Minnesota and tearing a roof off of a home. A rest area was closed for repairs after a storm caused structural damage to it. May proved to be quite the beginning to what is believed to be an upcoming stormy season.

So what are Minneapolis homeowners doing about it?

They are having their roofs and the exteriors of their homes inspected. After a harsh winter with very cold temperatures and heavy snows, they are having their roofs checked for cracks, loose shingles, and other issues so they can be fixed ahead of the stormy summer. If a roof is compromised in any way, it takes just one strong wind to blow it partially or completely off of the home. This can be a very expensive repair. Although the insurance company will most likely cover it, it is also a major inconvenience.

Through Roof Inspections

When you have a Minneapolis roofing company inspect your roof, it is done thoroughly. It is done in the same way an insurance adjuster would inspect it and probably even more thorough. Unfortunately after storms, some of the adjusters are brought in from other cities and they may not know the costs of certain types of damage in the Minneapolis area. Some adjusters may even be new and that can cause them to miss certain types of damage.

So what your inspector does is document the damage so that the information can be provided to the adjuster. The adjuster is then made aware of any damage that they may not immediately see. They can look at that damage and verity it so your settlement is as accurate as possible.

Repairing Old Damage

If damage is found during the inspection, it can be repaired. While it may not necessarily be associated with any specific weather event, it is important to have the repairs performed as soon as possible. If they are left as they are, they can grow bigger over time and that can result in even more expensive issues. It could even result in the loss of a roof if a major wind would come through.

Old damage can be as small as some shingles that need to be replaced or could be as large as having to have one section of the roof replaced because it is cracked or there is another issue with it. Whatever the problem, it can be repaired in a timely manner so that the integrity of the home is preserved.

Taking Care Of Your Home

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