On May 8, 2014, a hail storm moved through the Twin Cities and it pummeled Lakeville. While it only lasted for a few minutes, the hail was up to 2.75” in diameter. This is the type of hail that can cause some rather significant damage.

To the dismay of many homeowners, these types of storms occur several times a year and can lead to exterior damage to their homes that needs immediate attention. If the damage isn’t fixed as soon as possible, then it can worsen and lead to additional problems.

So as soon as it happens, you should make a claim to your homeowner’s insurance company so that they can pay for it. However, you need to have an estimate in your hand as soon as possible so that you can show it to the insurance adjuster when they show up. Any time widespread hail damage occurs, it is possible that the insurance company will send in out-of-town adjusters because they have a lot of claims. Making the adjuster aware of local costs and what a local contractor estimates is very important to ensuring the amount of the insurance settlement is correct.

Do You Have Hail Damage?

Even if you do not see hail damage from the ground, it can be there. Something that many individuals in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and even Lakeville do is they look up to the roof and they are relieved because everything looks fine. What they don’t know is that hail damage needs to be looked at up close. Calling a Minneapolis hail damage repair company immediately is going to reveal this damage and also have it secured so that further damage doesn’t occur.

Other times, the damage is very evident because shingles are missing or they are broken. No matter how evident the damage, making the call to have your roof and the entire exterior of your home inspected can help your wallet and your home.

Get A Storm Damage Inspection As Soon As Possible

Right after the storm, it is important to get your storm damage inspection as soon as possible. At Tacheny Exteriors, we look at everything from your windows and siding to your roof and gutters in order to identify the damage done by the storm. We will inspect your home using the same methods used by insurance adjusters so it can be determined whether or not you should make a claim. Sometimes damage is so minute that only minor repairs are needed, so homeowners will opt to not make a claim. When the damage is significant, they will make the claim and our specialists will secure the structure so that no further damage occurs until repairs can start.

We will also document all of the damage for you and provide you with the report that you need to give the claims adjuster if you decide to file the insurance claim.

Address Hail Damage Now

It is important to do something about hail damage as soon as possible so it doesn’t become a larger issue. Tacheny Exteriors will be right there for you and give you a free estimate. Call us at 651-484-1466 today.