Minnesota Gutters Replacement

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Are those heavy rains causing problems to your property? Is your yard getting ruined? Is your basement getting flooded? If so, Tacheny Exteriors has the solution to your problem. Our experienced seamless-gutter installers are well trained to put in a very clean-cut and professional system that will direct the water away from your home.

Often times, colors are of the utmost importance. Because of this, we offer an extremely wide variety of gutter and downspout colors so that you can match your fascia, siding or any other accenting color on your home. All of our gutters systems are seamless with downspout locations wherever you prefer.

Our Minneapolis Gutter Contractors Offer:

  • 5″ or 6″ Seamless Gutter Systems
  • Baked Enamel (smooth) or Poly-Vinyl Coated (grained) finishes
  • 2″x3″ downspouts
  • 3″x4″ downspouts
  • Clog-free systems
  • Gutter Cleaning Services

Anti-Clogging Gutter Systems

Are you sick of cleaning your gutters out? Well let’s fix that annoyance. We offer a variety of anti-clogging gutter systems on a good, better and best basis.

Visit the following page for the newest cutting-edge system:

Other Services

Year in and year out, we frequently find our customers in need of supplementary services while we are working on their home. Because of this, we also specialize in the following services:

Deck Power Wash / Staining

Off with the old and on with the new – you can be sure our experienced painters will get your deck looking new again. Deck maintenance is a tedious task that most people do not look forward to doing. It takes time out of your already busy day. Let Tacheny Exteriors take care of your deck project and save yourself some personal time!

If you have a preferred stain or color that you would like used on your deck, let us know. You satisfaction is our number one priority.

Garage door replacement

Whatever door style you may want, Tacheny Exteriors is the place for you. We recommend Amarr doors, a company that began its specialty in the 1950’s. With two seasoned names, Tacheny and Amarr, you can be sure you are getting the best garage door project in town. We will be sure to get you the door that fits your needs and provides your home with excellence.

Exterior Painting

Every day the sun shines upon the painted surfaces of your home, compromising the look and performance of your paint. While doing a thorough preparation, paying close attention to detail and putting together an extravagant finish, you can be sure DTRSI has everything covered. We will work with you to get the best fit for your tastes while adding great value to your home.

Air Conditioner Combing

If you need your air conditioning fins combed and straightened, let us know! You’re A/C fins could be damaged from a storm (hail, flying debris, etc.) or incidental occurrences. Having straight and clean fins are crucial to your units efficiency.

Window Screens

Most storms damage the screens to your windows. We can save you time and headaches by taking care of this repair project for you!


Is the exterior of your home missing something? Shutters offer a wonderful accent to your home and can give it that “something” that it has always been missing. Be sure to have one of our Project Specialists bring color and style options to your appointment!