Late May brought some rather strong storms with it. The month came in rather silent and ended with a bang as the soggy ground caused trees to fall all around a mobile home park in Princeton. More than a dozen large trees fell, damaging homes and cars.

The good news is that there were no injuries or fires. There were, however, plenty of homes with trees sitting on top of their roofs. This meant the trees were going to have to be removed and the roofs repaired.

This is, perhaps, one of the worst bouts of storm damage that Sherburne Village had seen in quite some time. Residents found themselves racing against the clock to clean up the mess before the next bad storm moved through.

Many of these individuals had to file insurance claims and have the trees removed from their homes so the process of storm damage repair could begin.

The soggy ground in addition to the high winds that moved through caused a recipe for disaster for the residents. The ground was simply too soggy to hold up the trees while they were battered by the wind.

In one case, a tree even pulled up concrete and it was resting on top of the home it once shaded.

A group of kids and some adults got together and started pulling loose twigs out of the street so that the trucks and tractors coming to clean up the area could get through.

The Eden Prairie Sinkhole

In addition to the mess in Sherburne Village, Eden Prairie saw a sinkhole open up after the rains.

A contractor lost equipment in the sink hole. It was all sitting at the bottom of the new ravine and the sinkhole produced a major issue for one homeowner.

This issue has been attributed to a lot of erosion and pipe failure in the storm water system. The pipe failure itself caused the erosion and sloughing of the bluff to the creek that was just below. Contractors were already in the area working on a smaller project when the heavy rains caused the ground to give way.

It is said that the rain that contributed to this sink hole and the fallen trees in Sherburne Village had to do with a burst of moisture that dropped two to three inches of rain in just 15 to 20 minutes. The soil was already quite wet because of the weekend rains and the fast burst of rain put more on it than it could handle.

As for the home that is involved, it may be a total loss. Contractors are working to stabilize the soils so they can try and find a permanent solution. The home could sustain some external damage and need repairs once and if a solution is found.

Currently, Sherburne County residents have tarps on their home as more rain is predicted before their repairs are complete.

Fast Storm Damage Repairs

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